Monthly Archives: September 2005


Stand or Fall

Okay, my media cohorts. This is it. Many have admitted going soft on the Bush Administration after 9/11 (I was there). You’ve shown indignation, although not at great risk, over the handling of Katrina. There is some blood in the water. Will you finally become sharks? How the media swims over the next month or…


Opportunity Knox

Fort Knox…a world-famous repository of America’s gold reserves. A bounty of bullion. One stop shopping for the Goldfingers of the world…should they dare to breach it’s defenses. And then there is the White House. A fortress of opportunities for no-bid contracts, taxpayer-funded projects and for the defense industry. Whether they start wars, or simply respond…


Passing the Protest

Festive, determined and unabashed. That’s the way it was backstage at Operation Ceasefire. It was a progressive starf’cker’s dream…Laura Flanders and Amy Goodman, Steve Earle and Joan Baez…but Laura has the best eyes. And that voice. Perchance to dream…. The backstage view showed the strength and commitment of those who oppose the continuing war in…


Wea Culpa

We went soft. That’s the current media sensation. Thomas Friedman, globalization hack and all-around do-nothing new, wrote this week that 9-11 “distorted the political environment.” It led to reticence to question the Admin’s policies. A couple days ago I heard a major news weekly editor admit that he went soft on Team W after 9-11….


Fabled Danger

Mohammed Atta. The face of evil. The face of terror. The poster boy for 9-11…so ominous and foreign and dark and Arab. Somehow, his picture was splashed all over the 24-7 coverage within hours of those deadly attacks. In fact, we had pictures of all of the hijackers. “How did we get them so soon,”…