A Shill or Mockingbird?

Oh, Judith Miller…we hardly know ya. The CIA leak investigation is finally getting around to the real issues–the manipulation of intelligence, the falsehood of the case made so dramatically to the American people and the complicity of the media in ginning up support for the invasion of Iraq. Sure, it sucks that Valerie Plame was [...]

Media Elitism

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 Joe Six-Pack. Do you know him? Are you that mythic American man? If so, keep in mind that you know or happen to be the quintessential demographic editors, reporters and executives design TV news for. What an honor, right? Joe Six-Pack sits in every editorial meeting, a ghostly apparition of mediocrity, [...]

Are Facts Liberal?

Monday, October 10, 2005 Balance, it’s the hobgoblin of media minds. American journalism and the media engage in continual effort to “balance” stories, to show both sides…to keep everyone happy. “Ping-Pong Journalism,” is what a good friend calls it. I saw it daily when I worked at the “most respected hour of news.” Mr. Ping [...]

A Trojan Gift Horse

Listen up, Republicans. Harriet Miers is a gift. Here’s why. The 2006 Elections are looming and conservatives are in trouble. Some are downright scared, others angry. The five-year spending spree finally registered with all those heretofore small government hypocrites. The Sharia law-friendly constitution, the details of which are ignored by cha-chinging media whores, inspires nothing [...]

A Bird Flu Over Our Cuckoo’s Nest

Is it catching? You know, the idea that we need to eliminate our 127-year old tradition of forbidding the military from acting domestically in law enforcement. The precedent was set in 1878 by the Posse Comitatus Act, and W has been trying get it overturned since 9/11. It was one of the first lessons he [...]

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