Monthly Archives: November 2005


White Phosphorous Bubble

There is the “news” we get here in the bubble, and then there is the news that the rest of the world gets. We wonder “why they hate us,” we ponder the resistance of “Old Europe” to our foreign policies and we wallow in the half-truths and take solace in the hidden from view implications…


The Memorial to End All Memorials?

The Wall. The Vietnam War memorial. Whenever I go down to The Mall that long, angled epitaph to a tragic war calls me…and it brings me to tears. To my mind, it’s the only monument worth visiting over and over again. It never fails to cause reflection…whether it’s my face on the shiny black surface,…


Coincidences, Conspiracy Theories and You

Conspiracy Theory. It’s the epithet par excellance of our modern political environment. It’s crushes debate, walls off the truth into an intellectual ghetto and undermines any collection of facts that point to nefarious decision-making by those in power. Funny, though, that every day people are charged with criminal conspiracy in courthouses across America. When two…


NSA’s History Lesson

Those of you who think the last century proves humanity to be a stinking gene-pool of war and violence, that we’re warlike, trigger-happy beasts itching for carnage…take heart! It may not be so. I advocate studying history…the history of the 20th Century’s wars and our current adventure in Iraq. That is, if you can find…



Okay everybody, let’s get scared! Buy Tami-flu…the bird flu is coming, the bird flu is coming. And, by the way, the patent for Tami-flu is held by Gilead Sciences. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was chairman of Gilead before he became Chief Operating Officer of War Profits Inc., a.k.a. the Pentagon. He still has millions of dollars…