Bush, Osama and a bit more on timing

From the Herald Sun: (An Australian paper) Domestic spying necessary: Bush From correspondents in Washington 26jan06 US President George W. Bush said today that a controversial domestic spying program that some critics say is illegal was necessary in light of new threats on an audiotape from Osama bin Laden. “I’ll continue to reauthorise this program [...]

Osama says, “Timing is everything”

Osama is there when we need him. Okay, when Team Bush needs him On the eve of the 2004 election, polls showing a race too close to call, and he was there to remind the American people that the face of evil is still out there, sending us some cryptic political analysis and reacquainting us [...]

With Enemies Like This…

Guess what? Iran got plans for nuclear weapons from….the CIA! Yup! I’m not making this up. We handed over those plans in a “botched” intelligence operation. Isn’t that funny?! It reminds me of the time Donald Rumsfeld was on the board of a company that sold uranium to North Korea. Back in 1999, that was. [...]

Feeling a bit left out

I would like to announce that I am returning money from Jack Abramoff. Unfortunately, I cannot. I’m here and working, but I’m outta the loop on this one. Perchance to dream…. Or maybe I should start a support group for those legislators who didn’t get money from Abramoff…a sorta lonely hearts club for congressional ne’er do [...]

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