Monthly Archives: February 2006


The Peacemaker and the Media

Today, in an exclusive interview with high-gloss newsreader Elizabeth Vargas, President Gas told her and America that he hopes history jugdes his Presidency as one of “peace.” Yup. Peace. Vargas, in typical Ameican supine media fashion, didn’t immediately ask him the obvious. Jesus H. Christ! It’s comical. But let me tell you…the Bushes are basically…


In Case You Missed It

You might have missed it. It’s easy to do. We’re moving rapidly into territory once reserved for totalitarian regimes. Spying, prison camps, aggressive wars and invasions. That’s our America. The new, improved America! Not that everyone’s cooperating. Congress heard about this funny little program called Total information Awareness. Run by former Iran-Contra badguy John Poindexter,…


Harboring Doubts

Blowback. When an action, policy or strategy causes unintended, unforeseen and unwelcomed consequences. Chalmers Johnson, historian and policy analyst extraordinaire, literally wrote the book on it. Titled “Blowback, Johnson writes convincingly about the consequences of our de facto, world-spanning empire, our history of covert fun and games and the hatred, resentment and complications those hijinx…


Re-Secrets and Damn Lies

Can you keep a secret? It’s an important part of relationships…between friends, between lovers, between military commanders, between political operatives and in the spooky world of covert operations. Secret identities, secret plans, secret lovers, secret peccadilloes. We all have our secrets. Revealing personal secrets can get you fired, divorced and ostracized. Revealing state secrets can…


Why the GWOT is so WoB…

DC, a.k.a. the Whore of Babylon(WoB), is a city of acronyms. POTUS, SCOTUS, CIA, FBI, DOJ…and the Pentagon is a sea of acronyms. GWOT is the acronym du jour. Global War on Terror. Not on “Terrorism.” Although I find “Terror” to be too open ended, it does serve the POTUS (President of the United States)…