Charlie Sheen Scores a Tipping Point

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Four years of waiting has come to an end.

Although millions of people, dozens of alternative media figures, a handful brave scholars and experts and few former government officials have labored away at the filling the gaping holes in the official conspiracy theory of 9/11…the mainstream media has ignored the questions that remain locked away in our collective unconscious. Nagging doubts. Strange coincidences.

All are verboten. Unpatriotic. UnAmerican.

The labels don’t dissuade many who toil in anonymity or proclaim with mainstream-muzzled bullhorns. But those labels are an effective death sentence for anyone in the public eye.

Newsreaders, reporters, journalists, historians…entertainers. The leap they make is off a giant cliff…into the troubled waters of career death, of ridicule and marginalization. They might be consigned to the Grassy Knoll of history.

But it takes someone with visibility and titanium balls to break through. To force the media to face the toughest of questions. How could the laws of physics be abrogated? How could short-term smoldering fires do what dozens of long-term raging fires could not? Why did W just sit there? How could the BBC find hijackers alive and well years after the attacks?

How? Why?

Enter Charlie Sheen. Yeah, Charlie f’ing Sheen. An actor. Yes, he’s successful. Likeable. Intelligent. Good genes. I mean, I wouldn’t break up with Denise Richards. Look at her, for Christ’s sake. That takes balls.

Charlie’s got ‘em.

This week he went of the Alex Jones Show and, in so doing, was the first person to put himself on the line to ask the question…Why doesn’t the official conspiracy about 19 highjackers add up?

This may be the tipping point I’ve been waiting for.

CNN’s Headline News has a show–Showbiz Tonight–and they’ve been all over it all week. Three nights in a row of coverage. Fair coverage, I might add. It’s stunning to a self-hating media whore like myself. This is huge. HUGE! On Thursday and Friday, A.J. Hammer (another brave soul, I might add) led off the broadcast with the story and interviewed Alex Jones…twice! Jones might not be the palatable advocate to lefties…he’s an unabashed Christian, he’s for gun rights, he’s against abortion…but he’s squarely against this Administration and has compiled hundreds of articles, documents, interviews. He’s the effective leader of the movement to re-open the 9/11 story and to find out what really happened. A.J. Hammer put his career on the line and let Jones say the unsayable. As a denizen of the mainstream media…please hear me…this is the bravest thing I’ve seen in two decades. Running the risk of drinking hemlock on camera…that’s bravery.

But Charlie got it off the ground.

Sheen called Jones and said he wanted to go public. And he did. In our celebrity and fame driven culture, Sheen knew what this would do. And it did. CNN didn’t cower. It didn’t ignore. And it’s started a firestorm on the internet. FOX News has even begun to trash Sheen and the sycophant bloggers are attacking Alex Jones as a liberal. Dude, listen to Jones…he’s no liberal.

Jones, according to Sheen, has quite a following in Hollywood. People know. People all across the country…not just the “liberal elite” of Hollywood. This crosses party lines and ideology. I think we all know, somewhere in the back of our minds, that something stinks. That things just don’t add up. And think of how the stink as risen to a wrenching stench since that fateful day.

Something’s gone wrong in America.

But we all live in fear…fear of being labeled. I cannot peddle my litany of facts in my job. I can’t propose stories about this. I simply can’t…not if I want to eat.

We all have that pressure. Sheen does…but not so much. He could be opening the door for his fellow performers and people in the media to finally speak up. God knows, we need someone to speak up.

This could, though, be the tipping point. The domino that starts a chain reaction of media coverage, of more celebrities coming forward…of more media figures treading on the dangerous ground of career suicide.

As I look back at American history, I see so many times when a tipping point was passed by, and our country has mutated a little bit more with each missed opportunity. Our country is becoming unrecognizable.

This, though, may be it. Do some research, watch Loose Change…and ask the questions. Support Charlie’s gambit and don’t stop asking…force others in the media to ask…before we let what could be the final tipping point pass us by.


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