Project Censored Exposes Our Banana Republic

Every year Project Censored compiles a list stories that are, despite their obvious importance, ignored by our mainstream media, our newspapers of record and our nation’s sycophantic horde of so-called journalists. This year’s top 25 list is out in the public sphere and, in keeping with a decades-long theme, it will be treated like a leper [...]

A Greenfield of Manure Covering President Ford

“My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over” -President Gerald Ford Pardon me? The nightmare is over? What a statesmen he was, the ever-stumbling “Yes Man” from Michigan. In death, Ford has…according to the countless media-hacked paeans and odes…become President Everyman. A “sound man” who came into the Oval Office during a constitutional crisis [...]

Rep. Weldon Got Cooked, and Other Recent Stories on Terrorism

Republican Representative Curt Weldon is out. Swept away. Goose cooked. Gone. Yes, it was part of a larger rebuke of the GOP in the mid-term elections, but Weldon’s story is a bit more nuanced. A popular Congressman known for bringing home crispy bacon, Weldon’s re-election campaign got burned in the final weeks leading up to [...]

Stopping GOP Corruption? It’s a pile of Democrap!

The gates of Hell have been opened. Or, have been open for decades here in Washington. The Whore of Babylon…open for business…with barbarians at the Gates. Like Watergate. Or Debategate (the Reagan-Bush campaign had a mole in Carter’s campaign passing along Carter’s debate briefing books). How about Iran-Contragate, sometimes called Irangate. Remember Iraqgate? Yes, there [...]

Iraq Study in Futility Group

It’s official: we are “losing” in Iraq. That’s right, Robert “Let’s not talk about Iran-Contra” Gates got fast-tracked into Rumsfeld’s job with only two Republicans dissenting (yeah, Republicans…no Democrats). Why? Mainly on the basis of his “candid assessment” that we are not winning in Iraq. Oh. My. God. Really? I can’t imagine what would cause [...]

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