D.U., D.C. and Me

Two times. Two damn times I’ve tried living here in the “greater” DC area. Both times? Smacked. Smacked hard. Smacked down…and I’m not even part of the World Wrestling Federation! And no, you don’t want me to put you into the “Camel Clutch.” Or do you? It’s hard to fully describe my feelings about this [...]

There is…no…Sanctuary!

“Run, runner. Run!” Do you ever feel like it’s Last Day? That your Lifeclock is blinking? Logan’s Run was one of the first dystopian future flicks I ever saw. It really affected me. And not just because Logan could dial up a hot Brit from his flat and have her appear, wearing nothing more than [...]

The Lame Duck and Cover President

It’s happened quite often in American politics. A president faces the last two years of his presidency with a hostile Congress, fully or partially controlled by the other party. That “divided government” situation will, according to the Lame Duck Axiom, disable the president’s ability to get much, if anything, done. His wing broken, the president [...]

Bush 41 in the CIA? It’s not Poppycock!

They do not confirm or deny. It’s company policy. “The Company” is what CIA agents affectionately call the shadowy agency and, in an effort to “protect” operatives, they refuse to confirm or deny whether or not someone works for The Company. Except when George Hebert Walker Bush is the person in question. The CIA has [...]

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