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Turning Magic Tricks

Saturday, October 20, 2007 David Copperfield ain’t much of a magician. Oh, sorry Dave…”Illusionist”…not much of an “Illusionist.” He just got raided by the FBI after being accused of rape by an unidentified woman. Dave is all about the women, apparently. He can make ’em levitate, but he can’t slip them a little magic salami…


Thanks for the Memories…or Not.

Our President…and yes, he’s “ours”…was asked today about the Israeli bombing of a suspected nuclear power plant being built in Syria a couple weeks ago. Now, let’s put aside the strange pass Israel gets from us and the rest of the world to simply fly over a sovereign nation and bomb away at anything they…


Media Whores and TV Pimps

Ann Coulter. Ann Media Whore Coulter. I rarely give her the time or effort. She has been debunked, rebuked, proven to be a plagiarist…and she makes millions off of a contrived persona as an unapologetic right-wing extremist. Contrived. Yes, I think it is all marketing. Marketing of her books and persona, and she throws red…


Mr. Potato Head Loves Glowsticks

Breaking News: Mr Potato Head is Mr Ecstasy Head That’s right, Mr. Potato Head got busted trying to smuggle 300 grams of Ecstasy through the Sydney International Mail Center. It turns out, he loves to roll. Glowsticks, pacifiers…crazy mix CDs filled with monotonous house, trance and trip-hop music. MPH, as he is known at raves…