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No cynicism. No clever phrases or jokes. No soul searching, or pondering my personal depths. I just want to take a minute to note that last night I saw…hopefully we all saw…a moment that I never believed would come. Although the lovely and brilliant Michelle Obama had to backtrack on her “I am proud of…


Food for Thoughtlessness

Food Crisis. Food Shortage. Why? Global Warming, like terrorism, is a catch-all excuse for many things. Yes, more grain to biofuel is likely…but so suddenly and overwhelming that it is causing a global food shortage? How many new biodiesels are there now compared to just two years ago? No doubt there has been draught in…


Conventional Thinking

The Dems are nearly done. Some things struck me as I watched it gavel to gavel online, thanks to C-SPAN, while working on a script at my computer. One is the house band. They’ve played a steady diet of Earth, Wind and Fire tunes. I love EWF, don’t get me wrong. But the songs have…


Alpha Male, Omega Man

Chuck is dead. Chuck was a demi-god. A seer, a force and a prophet. This is a proposal for a broadcast doco for AMC or TCM on Chuck that never quite made it to production. I post it today in memoriam of The Chuck. CHARLTON HESTON: ALPHA MALE, OMEGA MAN © JP Sottile 10.11.2002 From…