Inside the Headlines with the Newsvandal – Convention Wrap-Up Edition

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Welcome to a special edition of “Inside the Headlines” with Newsvandal JP Sottile. James & JP share their reflections on the two political circus tents called RNC & DNC. Categories include GOPalozza, DEM-onstration Sport, Rubber Meet Road, Celebrity Blah-Blah, & the usual Odds & Ends.

Listen to the show at your leisure by clicking here.

1. GOPalooza
(Republicans’ factions and fissures on display, a hologram of Ronald Reagan never made it to the stage, and the triumph of Eastwood’s empty chair over the party’s standard-bearing empty suit)

2. DEM-onstration Sport
(The Dems play god with the word God, Elvis takes the stage and the cake, and for the first time in nearly 40 years the Democrats cover their party with a national security blanket

3. Hello, Rubber. I’d Like You To Meet “The Road.”
(Follow the money to election day, some canaries in the electoral coalmine and global empire is the new “Third Rail” of American politics.

Check out these headlines:
Rush Limbaugh Suggests Obama Manipulated Hurricane Predictions To Get GOP To Cancel Convention

Samuel L. Jackson asks why GOP ‘spared’ by tropical storm

Chuck Norris: If Obama Is Reelected, It Could Bring About ‘One Thousand Years Of Darkness’

SNL alumnus tea partier Victoria Jackson has no idea what ‘Communist’ actually means

Country singer Hank Williams insists ‘Muslim’ Obama ‘hates cowboys’

‘Thin Lizzy’ singer’s mother blasts Republicans for ‘abusing’ band’s music

Kirk Cameron defends Todd Akin

Dems trotting out H’wood beauties to introduce Obama

Kim Kardashian says she’s headed to party with Dems at convention

For complete listing of headlines and to see the great ODDS and ENDS click here.


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