Chechnya, Russia and the Conspiracy Impulse

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Just filling a hole in the coverage.

Mainstreamers are characterizing the region without much actual background. I am not making any claims here, just pointing out some additional info re: Chechnya, which suffered mightily under Putin and has, according to some or even many, been subjected to a clumsy a ‘false flag’ attack at the hands of the Russian FSB.

Putin’s rise is directly attributed to the battle w/Chechnya. His power was consolidated after the Moscow Apartment Bombings of 1999.

Follow these links:

Moscow behind bombings – tycoon

Russia Closes File on Three 1999 Bombings

Berezovsky died in a mysterious “hanging” in London last month. Also, when you hear the aunt and father talk about the brothers being “set-up,” keep in mind that Chechens have a specific, deadly experience with apparent set-ups and the fall-out that comes after the “attack.” Many others believe Russian journos Alexander Litvinenko (radiation poisoning) and Anna Politkovskaya were killed because they tried to uncover the Putin-FSB connection to the apartment bombings. just an FYI.
Investigation of Berezovsky’s death on hold


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