Rep. Mike Rogers: The NSA’s New Minister of Radio Propaganda

Representative Mike Rogers has a dream. Apparently, he’s been secretly harboring this dream since his formative days at a small liberal arts college in Adrian, Michigan. This dream stayed with him through his time in the U.S. Army, his years as a Special Agent in the FBI and his tenure in the Michigan State Senate. [...]

JFK & the Anti-Conspiracy Conspiracy

Every day, people are charged with criminal conspiracy in courtrooms around the country. In those cases, a “conspiracy” merely describes a criminal act involving two or more individuals. Also every day, the establishment media reports on various criminal conspiracies—including racketeering, insider trading, political corruption, sex scandals and murder plots. Murder plots are their favorite, particularly [...]

Richard Clarke’s Dire Warning to Journalists

Richard Clarke is not a crank. In fact, he’s one of the key whistleblowers of the last twenty years. His revelatory admissions on 60 Minutes and to the 9/11 Commission marked a significant tipping point in the middle of the Bush years. Clarke’s candid remarks “blew the whistle” on the conflation of Iraq and 9/11 [...]

Glenn Greenwald’s Mirror vs. Bill Maher’s Blind Spot

Bill Maher is a funny guy. But he’s not very reflective. That’s because, quite ironically, he’s fallen into the War on Terror trap—the comfortable and comforting stereotype of angry Muslims as irrational ideologues armed with religious hair-triggers and little else. Like so many of the so-called “Left” in America, Maher has basically accepted the key [...]

CNN Hasn’t ‘Jumped the Shark.’ It is ‘the Shark.’

CNN’s in a feeding frenzy.

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