The Corporate-Foreign Policy ‘Deep State’ at work in Ukraine

I’ve got two new stories on the subtle partnerships behind the scenes of U.S. policy toward Ukraine and Russia. The visible maneuvering over Crimea and the Cold War nostalgia expressed by belligerent U.S. politicians doesn’t quite match the corporate takeover we saw in Iraq. Rather, it feels more like Guatemala & the United Fruit Co. [...]

What Does the Caspian Sea have to do with the Marathon Bombing?

I recommend tuning in to today’s show. We try to put the events of this week into geopolitical context re: Chechnya, Putin, Saudi Arabian Wahhabis and the Caspian Sea Oil and Gas reserves. LISTEN to the ARCHIVED link to Friday’s installment of Planet Erstwild’s “Inside the Headlines” w/the Newsvandal Click HERE for the Boston Bombing [...]

What Is The Story Rundown?

The STORY RUNDOWN is an experiment in ethical news aggregation.

The Newsvandal on Unspun with Doug Bennett

The Newsvandal (JP Sottile) appeared on Unspun w/ Doug Bennett on Sept. 8, 2012.

Inside the Headlines with the Newsvandal – Convention Wrap-Up Edition

In case you didn’t hear the dulcet tones of my rousing assessment of the Two-Party variety showdowns and the way it all might play out…now archived from last Friday for your ad hoc consumption.

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