Rolling Stone Blows the Cover Off the War On Terror

“Why?” It is the most important question a journalist can ask. The “who, what, when and where” set the stage, but any actor will tell you that the motivation—the “why”—is what truly brings a character to life and makes them comprehensible. The motivation is, in fact, the whole point of the story. In the case [...]

Drone Fallout: Decoding the Arrest of General Musharraf

Did Musharraf’s drone revelations blow-up in his face?

The Military-Industrial Marx Brothers

There’s no sequester on campaign donations!

Fish Smart, People Stupid

Let’s be honest. The world’s oceans—the historic cradle of life—are dying. And people are the reason.

It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Toxicity

Tom sent me a note: “I don’t know if they weigh as heavily with you as they do with me–particularly concern me. One is climate change.”

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