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Congress Reaches For A Bump Stock Fig Leaf

Congress’ forthcoming “bump stock” bill is the perfect political fig-leaf. Cracking-down on a simple device that turns deadly weapons even deadlier is an ideal political solve for lawmakers who desperately need to be seen taking some sort of action. Republicans in particular can embrace this ultimately meaningless move under the guise of actually “doing something”…


Trump’s Categorical Impairment

Immanuel Kant was a brilliant 18th Century philosopher. His categorical imperative still stands out as an unparalleled, widely applicable framework for engaging in ethical human relationships. Basically, the idea is that one should never regard a fellow human being as a mere means to an end, but always as an end unto themselves. Sadly, America…


Paula Deen and the Cooked Goose of American Culture

Paula Deen officially launched her Apology Tour re-boot on the Today Show. A serious-looking Matt Lauer asked serious-sounding questions to a thrice warmed-over celebrity chef. He probed and prodded her about her character, her life and her use of “hurtful” language—also known as “the N-Word.” The beleaguered belle was much obliged. Ms. Deen offered up…