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Inside the Headlines w/The Newsvandal: 10.30.15

TODAY at 2pm Pacific/4pm Central/5pm Eastern … join James Moore and Your Friendly Neighborhood Newsvandal for our wrap-up of all the news that (barely) fits into one hour. >>Click Here to tune-in online to KRUU-FM. THE WEEK THAT WAS >>>The Establishment Strikes Back It’s No Longer the Trump Show http://www.nationalreview.com/article/426239/cnbc-gop-presidential-debate-donald-trump-shrinks >>>Journalisn’t The Fake News Food…


What If Obamacare Was A Fighter Jet?

Imagine if you will…an epic government failure. Chronic mismanagement and cost over-runs. Incomplete software coding, timely political donations and undelivered promises. And zero accountability. Now, imagine the outrage. No, really. You will actually have to imagine the outrage. That’s because The Great American Outrage Machine™ has no interest in generating a scandal around the ultimate…