There is…no…Sanctuary!

“Run, runner. Run!”

Do you ever feel like it’s Last Day?

That your Lifeclock is blinking?

Logan’s Run was one of the first dystopian future flicks I ever saw. It really affected me. And not just because Logan could dial up a hot Brit from his flat and have her appear, wearing nothing more than a wispy piece of fabric!

Yeah, I liked that. Seemed like cool deal to me.

No, it captured my imagination with it’s projected future…one devoid of human freedom. Real freedom…the freedom fail and starve, but also the freedom to explore and grow. To question. To rebel.

Hell, I’ve spent countless hours worrying about the future. As a former “Born Again” Christian, I know that there are millions of Ameican’s waiting for the Second Coming, happy to see Bush push us towards Armageddon and bracing for the rise of the Beast. I watched the Armageddon films during Bible study…if you didn’t get Raptured and refused the Mark of the Beast? Well, you’d get no food…no medicine…and then they’d finally come and take you to a concentration camp where your head would be chopped off.

God loves you, by the way.

Anyway…we are heading down the path to an Apocalyptic future. We will bomb Iran. RFID chips will be implanted. Biowarfare is advancing…and “we,” along with the Israelis, have been cooking up “ethnic bombs.” These are bioweapons that attack specific genotypes. In other words, bioweapons and germs that attack only Blacks, or Arabs, or Chinese. Genotypes are the genetic markers that give us our ethnic/racial characteristics and these weapons go after specific genotypes..

Mel Gibson is trying to warn us of the folly of human sacrifice, and the crushing self-destruction of “civilizations” that organize around religion. “Apocalypto”…go see it on the big screen. Totally worth it. Mel’s crazy, but he’s genius.

But it may be more like “Children of Men.” A bleak, 1984-esque world where, for some reason, human fertility is over. We cannot reproduce. I guarantee you, though, that the super rich will always have access to the techonolgy…the genetic enginneering…that will sustain them and, eventually, dispose of us.

Which brings me back to the dystopian utopia of Logan’s Run. Would it be worth it to live for a few decades, have lots of sex and a full belly…then be burned out in favor of the next generation? If you haven’t see “The Island,” give it a chance. It’s a bit hokey. Too much gratuitous action. But the coming of cloning…which is upon us, my friends…is going to change us. All of us. Those who cannot afford to buy a clone? Can’t afford cutting edge genetic therapies? We may wish for the subtle, time-sensitive life of Logan. Enjoy the gifts of a managed utopia and then ride the Carousel into oblivion.

Then again…we might try and run. Be warned, though. There is no Sanctuary.

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  1. January 23, 2013 @ 11:39 am Eli Johnson

    ones faith must be tested from time to time or one will not truly know if one possesses the faith in christ that god requires for salvation. it is a very small price to pay. one cannot be truly satisfied in life without ever knowing the joy of absolute devotion to ones ideals and convictions

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