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Trump’s Pittsburgh Ploy

“Pittsburgh, not Paris.” Really, nothing better exemplifies the false promise of Trumpenomics than this cute little catchphrase likely coined by a newly Born-Again Bannon. It only makes sense that the man who thought Sarah Palin would be president is the same man who concocted this callow juxtaposition. Pittsburgh is the Steel City, right? And “Paris”? Well,…



President Trump just yanked the Yanks from a treaty that was intentionally designed to be mostly non-binding because the Senate would never pass a binding treaty on climate. It was, however, a significant global political agreement to move toward goals that would create a working framework built on an unprecedented consensus. Mostly, Paris was an…


Can Mueller Drain The Swamp?

When the news first broke I immediately expressed some trepidation about the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. It’s not that I don’t get it … he’s an FBI stalwart, a friend of Comey and, the understandable logic goes, he will defend the Bureau’s integrity and derail a threat to American democracy. But I…