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Paula Deen and the Cooked Goose of American Culture

Paula Deen officially launched her Apology Tour re-boot on the Today Show. A serious-looking Matt Lauer asked serious-sounding questions to a thrice warmed-over celebrity chef. He probed and prodded her about her character, her life and her use of “hurtful” language—also known as “the N-Word.” The beleaguered belle was much obliged. Ms. Deen offered up…


CNN Scoops The Poop (Ship)

Let’s hope that Ted Turner wasn’t watching his baby on Valentine’s Day. If he was, there is a good chance he had his heart broken. Why? Because February 14th, 2012 was the day CNN, the once-venerable and omnipresent newsgathering machine, officially kicked off the Jeff Zucker Era by dropping its anchors in the salty brine…