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Wolf Gets Blitzered

Wolf Goddamn Blitzer. One annoying hack, added liberally to a stew of almost-news on CNN, CNN–the network that brought you an exclusive interview between Larry King of Starf*cking and Paris Hilton and, in turn, gave your the “Breaking News” headline “Paris is Now Boring.” I swear. I saw it. Or yesterday…on the whatever-his-name-is Pro Wrestler…


Colbert Exposed the Whores of Babylon

Revelation 17:13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. Last Saturday a one-man vice squad rolled into town and, using a killer set of elegantly written jokes, exposed the DC Media Scrum for what it is…a bunch of whores. The Whore of Babylon, a.k.a. Washington DC, thrives on…


Star Grazing

To see or to be seen…that is the question. This city is, ostensibly, about running the most powerful nation in the world, doling out tax dollars and greasing the wheels of justice. The subtext, though, is celebrity. Fame and immortality, being known beyond your small circle and short life…these things compel us to do many…