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Terror Alert: Beware of Cold War Thinking

Timing is everything. For the embattled national security state, the fortuitous timing of “pre-9/11-like” chatter portending a large-scale, “potential” terror threat was downright impeccable. Warnings were given and embassies closed. Terrifying terror thwarted. The media dutifully regurgitated and the conversation changed. Justifications made. Mission accomplished? Frankly, when it comes to justifying the national security state,…


American Drones: Hitmen For Hire

What if Tony Soprano had drones? Imagine the possibilities—to closely monitor your protection racket, to efficiently clip your enemies and to perpetually project your power throughout your family’s territory. And it could all be done with push-button ease from the Bada Bing. But you don’t have to wait for the J.J. Abrams Sci-Fi “re-boot” of…