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Depleted Uranium Aircheck – WJLA-ABC7

This is the condensed version of the full depleted uranium story that did  not air on Metropolitan Edition before the show was cancelled.

Depleted Uranium (Full)

The full-length story of US National Guardsmen sickened by exposure to depleted uranium while serving in Iraq. Written, produced and directed by JP Sottile.

Captain C-SPAN

Profile of C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb. Featured on WJLA-ABC7’s newsmagazine program “Metropolitan Edition.”

Operation Ceasefire

Behind the scenes look at the Operation Ceasefire anti-war protest and concert. Featured on WJLA-ABC7’s newsmagazine program “Metropolitan Edition.”

Patrick Henry College

Profile of the highly-successful Christian college and homeschooling mecca. Featured on WJLA-ABC7’s newsmagazine program “Metropolitan Edition.”

The Search For Cosmic Jesus

Promo for an as-yet unmade documentary about people who believe extra-terrestrials are of religious significance or, more directly, are  religious figures. We still want to make it…if you’ve got a line on funding, let us know.

Fan Films

Story about D.I.Y. television as made by a committed band of Trekkers who’ve recreated the world of Star Trek in a sweltering Maryland garage. Featured on WJLA-ABC7’s newsmagazine program “Metropolitan Edition.”

The Warning (Trailer)

One of the trailers for “The Warning” (2008), a documentary written, produced and  directed by JP Sottile.

Naomi Klein on the Sinoization of America

Clip from “The Warning”

Chris Hedges on Corporatized Democracy

Clip from “The Warning”

RFK jr.on Corporate Power

Clip from “The Warning”

Naomi Wolf on the Bill of Rights

Clip from “The Warning”

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