War & Pieces

The Profits of Doom.


Two Decades Of Madness

Two decades of war. Two decades of profiteering. Two decades of killing innocent bystanders. Two decades of surveillance. Two decades of detention and too many years of torture, undue process and profiling. Two decades of hyper-patriotism. Two decades of militarism, unrepentant Exceptionalism and religious righteousness. Two decades of lies, deceit and self-delusion. Two decades of…


The Empire Relents At Bagram

Today the US Military abandoned perhaps the most strategically located air base the United States has ever controlled. More than Guam or Diego Garcia or Al Udeid, the capture of Bagram gave the Pentagon the strategic high ground in the center of Asia and, therefore, unprecedented offensive strike capabilities. With Iran and the Middle East…


Sudan Enters The Outside-In Accords

President Donald J. Trump’s peace deal between countries-not-at-war added another buyer when he announced the opening of normalized relations between Israel and Sudan. On its face, it’s a good thing. Sudan got de-listed as a “state sponsor” of terrorism and the US agreed to lift its sanctions on the economically challenged nation. Israel moved a…