It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Toxicity

Posted on | May 15, 2012 | No Comments

I am not that concerned about climate change.

The climate has changed many, many times throughout geologic time. A new study points to dinosaur flatulence as a climate changer that may have contributed to their demise. Within the scope of human history there has been a receding Ice Age. Species adapt. Or die off. But life persists.

I am FAR MORE concerned about poisons. Toxic chemicals and plastics that alter DNA. Animals can move within and around and adapt to changing climate. Denaturing of DNA by toxic chemicals that persist in the air, water and soil for generations…that’s an entirely new and troubling problem. This can wipe out ALL LIFE. Or it can mutate it into submission. We humans are awash in it. Bisphenol-A is in everything. Plastic is leeching into our foods and our water. Herbicides and pesticides and GMOs designed to allow for wider usage of poisons are ubiquitous…and the poor animals of this planet are hapless victims of this unprecedented insanity. They have no idea of the poisons they are consuming. Nor do most humans.

Which brings me to population.

I, too, think there is too much. Too much of everything and everyone. And we are consuming. And consuming. And consuming. People pay no mind to the reality that the Glade Air Freshener they buy is comprised of resources. And that those resources will be lost forever once they toss that spent Glade Air Freshener into the “trash.”

Trash…we should write an historical etymology of the word.

And think of a car! Think of all the millions upon millions of cars. And of the people who buy them. And use them. Discard them. And now all the new car-buyers of India and China? It is daunting.

But it’s the toxicity.

The poisons and plastics and chemicals. They are killing us. And we are not going to be able to pay to treat the cancers and diseases they create. Not for most of us. Population control is nigh. Nature is going to cough us up with the castor oil of untenability. The poisons we are shoving down her throat are untenable. The castor oil is the rapidly approaching breaking point of both DNA and of ecosystems. And I despair not for the human future, but for all the other innocent life forms on this planet we are destined to take with us.


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