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The Flawed Islamophobia Of The New Atheists

Bill Maher thinks he knows exactly why they hate us. In the world according to Bill, all those agitated Muslims on the receiving end of multiple interventions, numerous “double-tap” drone strikes, countless tons of falling bombs, the systematic imprisonment of “rendered” individuals and the widespread use of lawless torture are, simply put, the outgrowth of…


Inside the Headlines w/The Newsvandal: 10.30.15

TODAY at 2pm Pacific/4pm Central/5pm Eastern … join James Moore and Your Friendly Neighborhood Newsvandal for our wrap-up of all the news that (barely) fits into one hour. >>Click Here to tune-in online to KRUU-FM. THE WEEK THAT WAS >>>The Establishment Strikes Back It’s No Longer the Trump Show http://www.nationalreview.com/article/426239/cnbc-gop-presidential-debate-donald-trump-shrinks >>>Journalisn’t The Fake News Food…