Inside the Headlines w/The Newsvandal: 10.30.15

TODAY at 2pm Pacific/4pm Central/5pm Eastern … join James Moore and Your Friendly Neighborhood Newsvandal for our wrap-up of all the news that (barely) fits into one hour.

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>>>The Establishment Strikes Back
It’s No Longer the Trump Show

The Fake News Food Chain
Buckraking on the Food Beat: When Is It a Conflict of Interest?

>>>Off We Go Into The Profitable Blue Yonder
New strategic bomber contract awarded after millions of dollars worth of lobbying
How the Army’s $3 billion spy blimp went from boondoggle to laughingstock

ITH DEEP-DIVE: Demo-Graphic Content, Human Discretion Advised
Fertility and the Fate of Nations

Baby drought as Australia’s fertility rate falls to 10-year low

China Abandons 37-Year-Old “One-Child Policy” – Here Are The Implications

Israel is using the current escalation to change Jerusalem’s demographics

Burma’s Million-Strong Rohingya Population Faces ‘Final Stages of Genocide,’ Says Report

Life is so miserable for Syrian refugees that thousands are returning home to a war zone

Economic Outlook Shapes Views of Immigration

The Future of Work: The Coming Political Storms

Our march of progress has hit the wall.

African Lights: Solar Microgrids Are Bringing Power to People in Rural Kenya

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi awarded Sakharov human rights prize

The great northern cod comeback

The Strange Growing Effectiveness of Placebos

Indonesia’s Fires Are Emitting More Carbon Pollution Than the Entire US Economy

GE Soybeans Give Altered Milk and Stunted Offspring, Researchers Find

The Indian village fighting fluoride poisoning with vitamins and clean water

Labor conditions are awful at chicken plants, according to big report

Evidence of forced cannibalism found in South Sudan graves

The Tragic, Forgotten History of Zombies

TV Viewing Linked to 8 Leading Causes of Death

The Men Who Murdered Halloween

Exorcist, Cure Thyself

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