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The term is “Media Whore.” It’s used in my business to describe those who will do anything to get on camera, say whatever needs to be said and insinuate themselves into the story of the day. They crave attention, for fame or money or both. You’ve seen them…pundits being the obvious sub-species of this city’s…

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Star Grazing

To see or to be seen…that is the question. This city is, ostensibly, about running the most powerful nation in the world, doling out tax dollars and greasing the wheels of justice. The subtext, though, is celebrity. Fame and immortality, being known beyond your small circle and short life…these things compel us to do many…


News Pornographer

So, you’re in TV? What’s a producer do? We make sausage. At least, that’s my usual answer when I vaguely tell people what I do. Unless they themselves are image peddlers, curiosity takes over and they start asking questions. I, of course, come off as aloof, intentionally obtuse or conceited…mostly because I’m hiding my underlying…

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Gimme Some Truth

The truth hurts. Sometimes, intolerably so. The counterpose to truth is denial. Denial, the Yin to the Yang of truth, is pain deferred. Even those of us who love the truth, or simply profess that love, often find ourselves wandering dangerously in a state of denial. Even me–the self-appointed champion of truth. My denial is…

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Spinning Outta Control

It was the perfect photo op. W, fresh off a month in Crawford ignoring Cindy and declining poll numbers, flew over the ravages of nature and suffering of his fellow Americans. But he was one simple descent from the clouds, a purposeful walk down the stairs from Air Force One and a helmeted helicopter ride…