The Military-Industrial Marx Brothers

There’s no sequester on campaign donations!

The Other NRA

This nation has been run by a powerful gun lobby for the last sixty years, and it isn’t the NRA.

Welcome to the Health Insurance-Industrial Complex

It has arrived. Welcome to the Health Insurance-Industrial Complex.

Something’s Bugging Me…and Everyone

The Military-Industrial Complex. Very militaristic. Very industrial. And it’s really complex. They spend a lot of time and money thinking up new and intersting ways to kill people, immobilize people and keep tabs on people. We are all “people,” by the way. So, the latest technology to be rolled out on Americans is a bug. [...]

Why We Fight

Why we fight. It’s an old argument, made time and again, to explain why nations must go to war. Throughout the 20th Century, those in war-making positions have had to do their best to create the circumstances conducive to war, or have extolled the virtues of war, or Cold War, to the washed and unwashed [...]

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