Take a Toke of Some Homegrown…Terrorists


Revelations about spying on bank records.

Mueller gives a speech on “homegrown terrorists.”

Gonzales faces Senate questioning on domestic spying.

The Indian Affairs report released, detailing how Abramoff worked with Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist to launder money from tribes through various organizations. Norquist writes much of Bush’s corporate crony-ass policies, Reed is God’s boy and Christian frontman and key broker of the Bush’s Christianity illusion.

The debate about Iraq still in the air.

Iraqi gov’t proposes an amnesty for insurgents who’ve killed our soldiers.


And FBI informant poses as an Al Qaeda rep, goes to this feeble little group of malcontents and gets them on board with a “plan” to attack the Sears Tower and FBI offices. No bombs found. No weapons found. No money found. Only the “aspiration” to join in with the faux Al Qaeda operative. But, last night…and early enough to change the lead on every paper in America, they arrest this group of “homegrowners.”

The news cycle is now sucked into this story, the rationale for spying on phone calls and bank records is clear…we have homegrown terrorists. We need homegrown spying. Now who on the Senate panel is going to argue against the tools to stop these homegrown terrorists? And they’ve got Alberto’s boy, sycophant and shill who has slowed down Abramoff investigations—Alex Acosta–in Miami’s US Atty’s office to lord over this “sting.” Timing is everything, and it’s good to have a timekeeper in place.

This is taking the Indian Affairs report out of the news cycle.

This is taking the bank record story out of the news cycle.

This is proving that Al Qaeda exists.

This is showing we need to be afraid of homegrowners, people living in your neighborhood. And they are Black men, too! Double fear!

This is proving that the War on Terror is “real.”

This is better than an elevated color alert.

This is showing the Bushies as vigilant, protectors of our safety

This is going to prep us for the GOP to hold the Congress and hold onto subpoena power (they just need the polls to be close enough, should they need their Diebold machines to pump out papertrail-less victories in key races…you know, plausible deniability)

Watch Bush’s poll ratings climb.

Watch the timing.

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