Bush 41 in the CIA? It’s not Poppycock!

They do not confirm or deny. It’s company policy. “The Company” is what CIA agents affectionately call the shadowy agency and, in an effort to “protect” operatives, they refuse to confirm or deny whether or not someone works for The Company. Except when George Hebert Walker Bush is the person in question. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The CIA has long denied that Poppy Bush was a CIA agent. Despite his Skull and Bones past. Despite the historical ties between the Dulles Brothers, Allen being the first CIA director, and the Bush family. Despite the fact that Poppy was appointed CIA Director in 1976 at a crucial juncture…just as the Church Commission was shedding a glaring light on the darkest of The Company’s business: mind control experiments, infiltration of the news media by agents, assassinations, drug experiments on unwitting civilians and more. And, in what must be the strangest of all predicates for a continued denial of Poppy’s CIA career, the CIA’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia, was renamed the “George Bush Center for Intelligence” in 1999. What? How can that be? How can a guy who never served in The Company’s ranks and spent just under a year as CIA director get a whole building named after him? It’s like re-naming Yankee Stadium for Roger Clemens or Randy Johnson because they pitched there for a couple years. Not the House that Ruth Built, but the House that Roger or Randy Built. No one in the media ever questioned why Langley was re-named for one of the CIA most famous non-members. No one called it the House that Poppy Built. It’s a non-starter…questioning the family history of the Bushes and their history of covert hijinx. Just ask Kitty Kelley. She wrote a well-researched, multiple-sourced account of “The Family”and didn’t get one media interview or one nationally televised opportunity to plug her amazing book on one of America’s most important political families. Larry King cancelled. The Today Show cancelled. Why? How can she get multiple chances to expose the Uber-icons of the GOP, the Reagans, as astrology-obsessed weirdoes on shows like Larry King, but couldn’t get a minute of airtime to tell us about the Bushes? Why? Because the Bush family is a no-go zone. Nothing on W’s cocaine party days. Nothing on the family’s association and financial dealings with Rev. Moon. Nothing on Neil Bush’s soap opera divorce. Nothing. The key to understanding the Bush family requires understanding Poppy’s role in the CIA. A role often ignored, continually denied and deftly obfuscated. Yet, circumstantial evidence abounds and key documents are there to be perused. The Nation bravely tried to inject the issue into the 1988 Presidential Campaign, but it was never picked up by the media. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans remain ignorant of the covert actions, system-bending tendencies and financial jury-rigging of the Bush Clan…a pattern that dates back to Prescott Bush and his days on Wall Street in the late 1920s. For those who’ve done some digging, it looks like the history of the Bush family is intertwined with much of the history of America. You can’t fully understand American history without knowing something about the wheeling-dealing Bush family. Now, new documents have peeled back the curtain…offering yet another peek into Poppy’s CIA career. Although you won’t find this in the NY Times or on CNN. Take a look at this article: Bush Senior Early CIA Ties Revealed By Russ Baker and Jonathan Z. Larsen The Real News Project January 8, 2007 NEW YORK–Newly released internal CIA documents assert that former president George Herbert Walker Bush’s oil company emerged from a 1950’s collaboration with a covert CIA officer. Bush has long denied allegations that he had connections to the intelligence community prior to 1976, when he became Central Intelligence Agency director under President Gerald Ford. At the time, he described his appointment as a ‘real shocker.’ But the freshly uncovered memos contend that Bush maintained a close personal and business relationship for decades with a CIA staff employee who, according to those CIA documents, was instrumental in the establishment of Bush’s oil venture, Zapata, in the early 1950s, and who would later accompany Bush to Vietnam as a “cleared and witting commercial asset” of the agency. …or scroll down to read the full text and find links to the documents the article cites. But it’s still just a taste of what is known but never mentioned in by “journalists” and “reporters.” Researchers, authors and alternative journalists have done the work and dug up some interesting tidbits about the man called Poppy. Take a look at these fun facts: He made a phone call to the FBI’s Dallas office (there is a written record of this) on the morning of JFK’s assassination stating that a “radical student” was going to make an attempt on JFK’s life that day. During his short time as Director of the CIA (less than a year), logs show that he went into the CIA’s JFK assassination files more than any other Director of Central Intelligence. He was all over those files, despite the fact he said when asked in an interview that he couldn’t recall where he was the day JFK was murdered. Wow, isn’t that strange? The Bay of Pigs was codenamed Operation Zapata, and the two support boats called the “Houston” and the “Barbara J.” His family had large sugar growing interests in Cuba that were nationalized by Castro. Where in Cuba was this agribusiness? On the Zapata Plain. Poppy speaks fluent Spanish, by the way. His long association with Felix Rodriguez…a Bay of Pigs veteran some believe Poppy “turned” into an asset. Strangely enough Felix was on still on CIA’s the payroll in the 80s and part of Iran-Contra. His family had a large investment in the United Fruit Company, which had huge agricultural interests in Guatemala. In 1954, the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of Guatemala. A government that, strangely enough, wanted to nationalize its banana plantations. You know…turn over much of the land used to grow bananas and other agricultural products to help the people of Guatemala…the people actually living and working on the land. That operation unleashed to a civil war that lasted over thirty years and claimed tens of thousands of lives, mostly civilians. Then there is his feud with Ross Perot over POW/MIAs in Vietnam. That’s a helluva story…which the cowards at 60 Minutes refused to run. They had Perot, who had been appointed POW Czar by Reagan, in a taped interview recounting his confrontation of V.P. Poppy. Poppy was the point-man on intel, and Perot’s investigation into our lost soldiers led to revelations about CIA drug trafficking in Southeast Asia, the CIA’s use of men listed as POWs and MIAs in that enterprise…and Poppy’s knowledge of both. When the story was killed by CBS the producer quit and wrote “Kiss the Boys Goodbye.” How about strong circumstantial evidence regarding Poppy’s part in both the October Surprise and Iran-Contra.

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Again, he was the acknowledged “point-man” on all intelligence issues in Reagan’s Administration.

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But he, like the Gipper, knew nothing about Iran-Contra?

Yeah, sure. He knew enough to pardon: Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, Duane R. Clarridge, Clair E. George, Robert C. McFarlane, Elliott Abrams, and Alan G. Fiers Jr. Each of these players had been indicted and/or convicted of charges by the Independent Counsel, Lawrence Walsh. Variations on that theme include: Poppy Bush giving “executive clemency” to Aslam P. Adam, a convicted heroin dealer. Poppy Bush pardoning Orlando Bosch, another anti-Castro guy…a terrorist who was linked to the bombing of Mackey Airlines in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Oh yeah, Bosch was previously convicted of firing a bazooka at a Polish freighter in Miami harbor. And what about the strange coincidence that John Hinckley, Sr. was, according to FEC records, a long-time contributor to Poppy’s political campaigns? Or that they were neighbors in Houston and the families had long-standing social ties? Or what about the acknowledged fact that Scott Hinckley was scheduled to meet with Neil Bush the day Reagan was shot…to talk to Neil about Vanderbilt Oil’s “tax issues” and SEC issues that needed fixing? And then there is the oddity of all oddities that had John Hinckley, Jr. been successful…Poppy would’ve been President. Really…it’s all true. Lastly, but not leastly…remember Poppy’s “No Quid Pro Quo” dealings with Manuel Noriega? Noreiga was a key player in laundering drug money from the burgeoning cocaine trade of the 1980s. Noriega was “Our Man” in Panama and he allowed CIA planes to refuel at an airport outside Panama City…planes like the one flown by Eugene Hasenfuss. Hasenfuss was part of a Contra gun and drug running operation that the CIA was tacitly, sometimes explicitly, participating in. Hasenfuss was shot down, tipping over the first domino that exposed the operation and led to the Iran-Contra Scandal. The dominoes never quite made it up the chain of command, though. When Noriega became a bit of an embarrassment, Poppy ordered the military to invade Panama, killing a couple thousand civilians and capturing Pineapple Face, as Panamanians called him. He was put on trial. His trial was a farce. All of the witnesses his defense called, mostly CIA agents, were denied by the judge on the grounds of “national security.” Noriega is currently rotting in a Miami jail, his story never told. His conviction silenced him and kept him from telling us about the “quid pro quo” he made with Poppy. So, here we are…with a large number of men…the Secret Team of covert players…filling the ranks of W’s Administration. Abrams, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Poindexter, McFarlane, Negroponte, Otto Reich, Wolfowitz, Perle…all men who’ve been linked to the Uber-Agent…the CEO of “The Company”…good old Poppy Bush. If you find yourself perplexed by what’s happening around you, take a peek behind the curtain and examine the life and times of the Wizard–Poppy. His life runs parallel to the events that have shaped the United States over the last fifty years. He can be, if you look hard enough, a Rosetta Stone for decoding recent American history. So, here’s the full article. Take a peek and enjoy! Bush Senior Early CIA Ties Revealed By Russ Baker and Jonathan Z. Larsen The Real News Project January 8, 2007 NEW YORK–Newly released internal CIA documents assert that former president George Herbert Walker Bush’s oil company emerged from a 1950’s collaboration with a covert CIA officer. Bush has long denied allegations that he had connections to the intelligence community prior to 1976, when he became Central Intelligence Agency director under President Gerald Ford. At the time, he described his appointment as a ‘real shocker.’ But the freshly uncovered memos contend that Bush maintained a close personal and business relationship for decades with a CIA staff employee who, according to those CIA documents, was instrumental in the establishment of Bush’s oil venture, Zapata, in the early 1950s, and who would later accompany Bush to Vietnam as a “cleared and witting commercial asset” of the agency. According to a CIA internal memo dated November 29, 1975, Bush’s original oil company, Zapata Petroleum, began in 1953 through joint efforts with Thomas J. Devine, a CIA staffer who had resigned his agency position that same year to go into private business. The ’75 memo describes Devine as an “oil wild-catting associate of Mr. Bush.” The memo is attached to an earlier memo written in 1968, which lays out how Devine resumed work for the secret agency under commercial cover beginning in 1963. “Their joint activities culminated in the establishment of Zapata Oil,” the memo reads. In fact, early Zapata corporate filings do not seem to reflect Devine’s role in the company, suggesting that it may have been covert. Yet other documents do show Thomas Devine on the board of an affiliated Bush company, Zapata Offshore, in January, 1965, more than a year after he had resumed work for the spy agency. It was while Devine was in his new CIA capacity as a commercial cover officer that he accompanied Bush to Vietnam the day after Christmas in 1967, remaining in the country with the newly elected congressman from Texas until January 11, 1968. Whatever information the duo was seeking, they left just in the nick of time. Only three weeks after the two men departed Saigon, the North Vietnamese and their Communist allies launched the Tet offensive with seventy thousand troops pre-positioned in more than 100 cities and towns. While the elder Bush was in Vietnam with Devine, George W. Bush was making contact with representatives of the Texas Air National Guard, using his father’s connections to join up with an elite, Houston-based Guard unit – thus avoiding overseas combat service in a war that the Bushes strongly supported. The new revelation about George H.W. Bush’s CIA friend and fellow Zapata Offshore board member will surely fuel further speculation that Bush himself had his own associations with the agency. Indeed, Zapata’s annual reports portray a bewildering range of global activities, in the Mideast, Asia and the Caribbean (including off Cuba) that seem outsized for the company’s modest bottom line. In his autobiography, Bush declares that “I’d come to the CIA with some general knowledge of how it operated’ and that his ‘overseas contacts as a businessman’ justified President Nixon’s appointing him as UN ambassador, a decision that at the time was highly controversial. Previously disclosed FBI files include a memo from bureau director J. Edgar Hoover, noting that his organization had given a briefing to two men in the intelligence community on November 23, 1963, the day after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The memo refers to one as “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” and the other as “Captain William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency.” When Nation magazine contributor Joseph McBride first uncovered this document in 1988, George Herbert Walker Bush, then vice president and seeking the presidency, insisted through a spokesman that he was not the man mentioned in the memo: “I was in Houston, Texas, at the time and involved in the independent oil drilling business. And I was running for the Senate in late ’63. I don’t have any idea of what he’s talking about.” The spokesman added, “Must be another George Bush.” When McBride approached the CIA at that time, it initially invoked a policy of neither confirming nor denying anyone’s involvement with the agency. But it soon took the unusual step of asserting that the correct individual was a George William Bush, a one-time Virginia staffer whom the agency claimed it could no longer locate. But that George Bush, discovered in his office in the Social Security Administration by McBride, noted that he was a low-ranked coast and landing-beach analyst and that he most certainly never received such an FBI briefing. It was perhaps to help lay to rest the larger matter of the elder Bush’s past associations that the former president went out of his way during his recent eulogy for President Ford to sing the praises of the Warren Commission Report as the final authority on those days. “After a deluded gunman assassinated President Kennedy, our nation turned to Gerald Ford and a select handful of others to make sense of that madness. And a conspiracy theorist can say what they will, but the Warren Commission report will always have the final definitive say on this tragic matter. Why? Because Gerry Ford put his name on it and Gerry Ford’s word was always good.” In fact, Ford’s role on the Warren Commission is seen by many experts as a decisive factor in his rise to the top. As a Commission member, Ford altered its report in a significant way. As the Associated Press reported in 1997, “Thirty-three years ago, Gerald R. Ford took pen in hand and changed – ever so slightly – the Warren Commission’s key sentence on the place where a bullet entered John F. Kennedy’s body when he was killed in Dallas. The effect of Ford’s change was to strengthen the commission’s conclusion that a single bullet passed through Kennedy and severely wounded Texas Gov. John Connally – a crucial element in its finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole gunman.” This modification played a seminal role in ending talk of a larger conspiracy to kill the president. Knowledge of Ford’s alteration has encouraged theorists to scrutinize the constellation of other figures who might have had a motivation to cover up the affair. Meanwhile, there is much more to learn about George H. W. Bush’s friend, Thomas Devine. The newly surfaced memos explain that Devine, from 1963 on, had authority from the agency to operate under commercial cover as part of an agency project code-named WUBRINY. Devine at that time was employed with the Wall Street boutique Train, Cabot and Associates, described in the memos as an “investment banking firm which houses and manages the [CIA] proprietary corporation WUSALINE.” These nautical names – ‘Saline’ and ‘Briny’ – or, for the Bay of Pigs invasion ‘Wave’ – are CIA cryptonyms for the programs and companies involved. George H.W. Bush’s own ties are amplified in the 1975 CIA memo, dated November 29, which makes it clear that he had knowledge of CIA operations prior to being named the new director of the CIA in the fall of that year. The 1975 memo notes that, through his relationship with Devine, “Mr George Bush [the CIA director-designate] has prior knowledge of the now terminated project WUBRINY/LPDICTUM which was involved in proprietary commercial operations in Europe.” The Bush documents, part of a batch of 300,000 records the CIA provided to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, were publicly released in 1998 as the result of a lawsuit, donated to a foundation, scanned into a database – and only just noticed by an independent researcher. Click the following to view original supporting documents: [1] [2] [3]

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  1. December 30, 2016 @ 11:26 am nick destcroix

    Zapata offshore remained an asset of the CIA long after Bush and Devine supposedly disconnected themselves by selling it. In 1975 one of its rigs was used as a conduit for arms to the Khmer Rouge to ensure their success in taking over Cambodia.

  2. January 4, 2017 @ 2:04 pm william lawlor

    I have no doubt Bush and Shrub were involved in the deaths of JFK father and son. An evil cabal along with the Clinton duo. The devils chessboard is their playing field.

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