I know, I know…but I can’t help myself.

This is for everyone who has tired of me writing and talking about MK Ultra, CIA mind control programs…and the use of mass pyschological warfare techniques, so-called PsyOps.

Two days ago Naomi Klein talked about her book on “Disaster Capitalism.”

Watch or listen to the DemocracyNow interview, or read the transcript

The techniques she researched and wrote/talks about have been linked, through documented evidence and various connections to:

+Jim Jones and Jonestown(CIA was involved–Google the name Dwyer…the agent who was actually on the runway less that two minutes before Leo Ryan and others were gunned down and was in “the Pavillion” when Jimbo began his long speech leading to the suicide-murders. Which were mostly murders, btw…not Kool-Aid, but forced injections and gunshots to the back of the head.)

+Charles Manson(participated in CIA-sponsored, Stanford-run program using LSD for experiments in CA prisons…Stanford is, of course, where Ken Kesey  first got his LSD. And Jim Jones got prisoners to rehabilitate in the People’s Temple from the same CA prison program that Manson participated in)

+Ted Kascynski, the Unabomber (in a similar experiment at Harvard)

+World Vision Ministries, John Hinckley Sr. (who contributed to GHW Bush’s political campaigns) was on the board when John Jr. and Mark David Chapman were in Beirut together…World Vision was full of nefarious connections back then. John Jr. almost made his daddy’s political friend President months after Chapman gunned down recently re-emerged John Lennon. John Jr. and Chapman were, strangely enough, both obsessed with Catcher in the Rye.

+LSD distribution in SF during the 1960s, catalyst for the Summer of Love and the culture wars that followed, began with the CIA.

+Sidney Gottlieb was a major player. Google him.

+Frank Olson(who died in a strange, falling out of a window accident). Google him.

+The Luces (of Time-Life) were involved in MK Ultra, btw…and took LSD in the 1950s…all there in declassified documents.

+The CIA used an associated program (Project Mockingbird) to fund William F. Buckley’sNational Review and employ people like Gloria Steinemas college informants. Think of the “shocks” radical right wing and left wing movements have had on our middle class, middle of the road culture. Isn’t it odd that the CIA was funding early feminists? And radical right wingers? At the same time?

+William Colby, a Fmr CIA Director, admitted before Congress that the CIA had infiltrated every major news organization in the United States(he died in a “boating accident” in a pond near his house…the official story is he decided to go boating around 11pm and drown in the shallow water. He was due to testify further within days.) Think about the role of the media in shocking us with sensationalized crapola, of focusing on crime and murder and fear…and of creating falsified wars and boogeymen. Of not telling us much of anything.

+CIA involvement in the heroin trade during Vietnam, and in the cocaine trade during the 1980s. The evidence is there. Think of what those drugs have done to shock us into a War on Drugs and to disrupt whole communities. Think about crack whores and crack babies (proven to be a bogus story, btw) and welfare queens (another falsehood since debunked) and about the crime that comes from drugs and the fear it breeds. And of the police state tactic we accpet to stop drug crime. And the privatization of prisons to house the swelling drug-crime population since the 1980s.

+ Think about the interconnectivity between the Bushes and Eli Lilly(even Ken Lay and Dan Quayle have served on its Board), and the rise of Prozac. Or the fact that Ecstasy (the drug of the 1990s, taken widely by a whole generation) destroys serotonin receptors, and eventually makes one dependent on Prozac and others SSRIs to stave off depression. Think about the fact that Don Rumsfeld’s other career has been as a director of various pharmaceutical companies, and he personally intervened to get aspartame approved by the FDA after Reagan came into office. Before that? FDA refused it because it was deemed harmful and highly addictive. Didya have a Diet Coke today?

The key point I’d like you to entertain is what Naomi is trying to tell us…that these techniques (which actually began in Nazi Camps and were “imported” by Allen Dulles during Operation Paperclip…the post-war program for importing SS officers and scientists and inserting them in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, in the aerospace and defense industries) have been used on individuals and whole societies. Controlling individual minds and mass psychology are essentially the same thing. And, as we have seen, it is very effective…because who among us has not scratched our heads, perplexed by what has happened to our country, our way of life and our collective critical thinking skills?

Think about the “shocks” to our collective conscience and the events that followed. Be open to the possibility. Read Alfred McCoy’s Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, or Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD and the Sixties Rebellion by Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain.

There is no “theory” here. These are facts. Make of them what you will. Write it off as a “theory” if you have to. The fact is, Conspiracy Theory is a sort of “safe word” used by many who have been “shocked” to keep from facing something very pernicious, from facing the consequences of not complying with the official stories we are told during this bedtime for democracy. It is a term that shuts down debate and critical thinking in favor of softer verisions of scary stories that strip away the veneer that hides the awful fact that we are being screwed all the time.

Try “coincidence theory” instead.

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