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>>The STORY RUNDOWN is an experiment in ethical news aggregation. What does that mean? Well, news sources increasingly rely on internet traffic, on clicks and length of visit data to sell advertising. And that is how they fund their news gathering, investigative journalism and dwindling staffs. By pointing you toward their websites, the STORY RUNDOWN makes sure they get the clicks. The NEWSVANDAL simply does the work of aggregating the day’s news and giving you a roadmap. Each Monday-Friday morning this list is sent out. It not only compiles a variety of stories from a panoply of sources, but the headlines are stacked in a logical order so that they themselves tell a bigger story–a “meta-story” of the daily news cycle. Check out an example below (for Dec. 6, 2012). If you’d like to receive the STORY RUNDOWN in your inbox, send an email to info@newsvandal.com.


In Wake of U.S. Global War on Terror, International Terrorist Attacks Have Quadrupled since 9/11

Death by Algorithm: West Point Code Shows Which Terrorists Should Disappear First

Pentagon considering Air Force support for intervention in Mali

African Union Asks United Nations to Finance Intervention in Mali

U.S.-Approved Weapons Transfer Ended Up With Libyan Jihadis

Clinton Warns That ‘Desperate’ Assad Could Use Chemical Arms

Drone in Iran Appears to Be U.S.-Made, Pentagon Says

Google-Funded Drones To Hunt Rhino Poachers

8 Drones That Aren’t Out to Kill You

Sheriff promises no spying with drone

Drones Now Account for One-Quarter of U.S. Strikes in Afghanistan

NASA plans to send a second version of Curiosity to Mars in 2020, at a cost of about $1.5 billion

Aerospace Industries predicts $6B growth despite Pentagon spending cuts

The Infrastructure Cliff: Why the U.S. Desperately Needs a $2.5 Trillion Upgrade

Geithner: Ready to Go Over ‘Cliff’ If Taxes Don’t Rise

Ed Asner Under Conservative Attack Over ‘Tax the Rich’ Teachers Union Video

‘Capitalism’ and ‘Socialism’ were the two most looked-up words of 2012

Obama-friendly business group given great White House access

Parasites Use Sophisticated Biochemistry To Take Over Their Hosts

Five Wal-Mart Vendors Made Clothes at Burned Bangladesh Factory

SEC charges Wells Fargo banker, nine others with insider-trading

Short Sales of Homes Surge as Tax Break to Expire: Mortgages

Billions pile up behind Amazon’s tax shield

Apple to Invest in Manufacturing Macs in U.S., CEO Cook Says

Verizon Patent: DVR That Watches Users to Target Advertising

Pizza Hut-brand perfume is a real thing

How Consumer Brainwashed Are You? The Game

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Holds Near Highest Since April

U.S. Unadjusted Unemployment Shoots Back Up

Oil Trades Near One-Week Low as Gasoline Stockpiles Surge

Chemical Dispersant Made BP Oil spill 52 Times More Toxic

Shale Oil Boom in North Dakota is Impacting Native Americans Especially Hard

Fall of the Monarchs: Can we save North America’s most beloved butterfly?

‘Epic Battle’ Pits Investors Against What’s Important

Stop Burning Rain Forests for Palm Oil

Vandana Shiva: Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Forest

POLITICS and FLEAS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Marco Rubio Clarifies The Earth’s Age: It’s ‘At Least 4.5 Billion Years Old’

Rubio: Science, faith ‘not inconsistent’ on earth

Rubio: I Don’t ‘Pass Judgment’ On The ‘Sin’ Of Homosexuality (Except When I Do)

Religion Big Factor for Americans Against Same-Sex Marriage

Abortion For Military Rape Victims Amendment Passes Senate

House approves resolution to keep Internet control out of UN hands

Boehner Gains Strong Backing From House Republicans

Conservative group launches campaign to ‘depose’ Boehner from speakership

Study Shows Smart Liberals, Conservatives, and Libertarians Are Easiest to Fool

FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Egypt crisis: Army clearing presidential palace area

Philippines Struggles to Reach Typhoon’s Victims

Water Quality Linked to Wellbeing in Sub-Saharan Africa

Iran’s subtle, persistent voice for environmentalism

GM China November Sales Increase 9.7% on Buick, Chevrolet

An Abduction Shines Light on Ukraine Asylum Policy and on Kremlin Methods

Mexican Supreme Court strikes down gay marriage ban

Israel Rejects UN Call to Open Nuke Program to Inspections

Netanyahu: Israel will keep settlement corridor

Realignment of Marines stalls as Okinawans’ outrage grows

THE MEDIA SCRUM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The Times Should Have a Reporter at the Bradley Manning Hearing

How American History Magazine Censored Palestine

‘2016’ Oscar Snub Has Filmmakers Claiming Political Bias

ODDS, ENDS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
How Dr. Oz Got It Wrong on Organics

Coating May Undermine Aspirin’s Ability to Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes

Never Mind Bruce Springsteen; Here Are the Rolling Stones

Special Report: The music banker’s big score

Crowd-Funding Site Indiegogo Is Going International

Satellite captures “black marble” view of Earth at night

Re-Examining Nefertiti’s Likeness and Life

Dave Brubeck, Jazz Musician, Dies at 91

The Man Who Helped Liberate Baseball: Rest In Peace, Marvin Miller
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