Inside the Headlines w/The Newsvandal: 09.18.15

TODAY at 2pm Pacific/4pm Central join James Moore and Your Friendly Neighborhood Newsvandal for our wrap-up of all the news that (barely) fits into one hour. >>Click Here to tune-in online to KRUU-FM.

>>Politics & Fleas
CNN’s three-hour debate from hell

>>The War Of Terror
Inside Lebanon’s Refugee Camps
On the streets of Kabul, despair and hope
In Yemen, Death From Above, Grief Below
Many Syrias To Come

>>Alarmed Clock
Schools in Irving, Texas, Feared Islam Well Before They Thought Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock Was a Bomb

ITH DEEP-DIVE: The Economy Doesn’t Suck. It Just Sucks For You.
The Uber Welfare State

Colleges Flush With Cash Saddle Poorest Students With Debt

Analysis: 39 Percent of Kids Have Been Poor at Some Point in Their Childhood

How this single mom survives on $7.50 an hour

Poverty, Wages Remain Stagnant Despite Economic Recovery

How Wall Street grabs $17 bln a year from investors

Analysis: Investors stare down Fed — and win

A Disgraceful Era In Our Treatment Of Chimps Ended Today

U.S. Navy finally agrees to ease off sonar that’s deadly to whales and dolphins

Mozambique to be declared land mine free

The Psychology of Secret Mind Games Behind Drone Wars

Why Does the Columbine Myth About “Martyr” Cassie Bernall Persist?

Exxon’s Own Research Confirmed Fossil Fuels’ Role in Global Warming Decades Ago

Ocean Ecosystems Nearing ‘Catastrophic’ Collapse: Study

Earthworms helping smallholders increase crop yields

For Some Bird Species, Personality Beats Looks

China VCs Are Going Crazy for Girl Groups

Women Were Some of the Fiercest Samurai Warriors Ever

The Good Wife: How the Cult of Domesticity Still Reigns in the 21st Century

The First-Person Industrial Complex

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