Inside the Headlines w/The Newsvandal: 10.16.15

TODAY at 2pm Pacific/4pm Central/5pm Eastern … join James Moore and Your Friendly Neighborhood Newsvandal for our wrap-up of all the news that (barely) fits into one hour.

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>>Uncle Sam’s Greatest Hits
The Drone Papers

>>Cold War 2.0
Six Ways A U.S.-Russia Proxy War Has Reshaped Syria’s Conflict

>>The Debate Debate
Pundits Thought Clinton Beat Sanders–but Did Viewers?

>>No, It’s Not Just You
Déjà Vu Again: Hot September Drives 2015 To Hottest Year On Record

ITH DEEP-DIVE: Everything Is A Racket
Stephen Hawking on the Future of Capitalism and Inequality

Capitalism vs. Socialism: Why Both Clinton and Sanders Are Wrong

Capitalism Works. Darwinism Works. But Do They Work Well Enough?

Report: ‘Crony Capitalism’ Hurts the U.S. Economy

Why Free Markets Make Fools of Us

Pond scum could feed the world

Scientists convert harmful algal blooms into high-performance battery electrodes

Thanks to Yao Ming, killing sharks for their fins is down 50%. And he’s just getting started.

The New War on Superbugs

How Monkeys Became Big Business in Florida

The Rise of America’s Secret Government: The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles

“Arabian Street Artists” Bomb Homeland: Why We Hacked an Award-Winning Series

Please Don’t Call Ronda Rousey Fat

Larger brains do not lead to high IQs, new meta-analysis finds

From Rebels To Republicans: The American Biker’s U-Turn

‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’: Records Hint at Improbable Journey of Controversial Papyrus

Have We Detected Megastructures Built By Aliens Around A Distant Star?

How The West Was Wrong: The Making Of John Wayne

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