Is Oil Kicking The Bucket?

The persistent oil glut I’ve been yammering about for the last four years has finally reached the tipping point … with the coronavirus now making it functionally impossible for the Oil-Industrial Complex to control this epic glut with geopolitical games, targeted sanctions or artificial scarcity. That’s key because this glut (which OPEC+ once again tried…


Coronavirus Reveals Trump’s Planned Obsolescence

As COVID-19 begins its inevitable “community transmission” phase around the United States, the purveyors of the conventional wisdom are largely focused on President Trump’s (and by extension, prayerful Vice President Pence’s) incompetence and his self-serving, empathy-free approach to the coronavirus. And it is true that, as with all things Trump, it seems that all he…


What Bernie Revealed On 60 Minutes

Here’s the thing Bernie’s peeps have to remember about political gaffes like Bernie praising Castro’s literacy program … their POV is not an accurate barometer for judging the electorate at large. That’s why it might not matter that the Anti-Castro Cuban community in South Florida is fading away and younger Cuban-Americans skew Democratic and Americans…


PODCAST: The Impeachment, The Iowa Caucus, & the State of the (Dis)Union w/ JP Sottile

February 10, 2020: JP forayed into the always fascinating world of Parallax Views w/J.G. Michael to discuss the #Impeachment anti-climax, the #IowaCaucusDisaster, the #DemocraticParty’s Civil War between Progressives & Centrists, Trump’s #SOTU2020, #PelosiTheRipper, & more. Check out the podcast here. Follow the great J.G. Michael here. And be sure to peruse other episodes of Parallax…


Post-Prayer Breakfast Depression

Now that we’ve had time to digest the bitter theological hash Trump served-up at the National Prayer Breakfast, it is important to note that he is NOT an aberration. Rather, he is the logical conclusion of the rise of American Evangelical Christianity. That’s why they have embraced him like a vice grip, looking past his…

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