Joe Paterno in Tokyo

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If Joe Paterno was Japanese…he’d have resigned immediately, accepted responsibility and proclaimed the disgracing of his honor, his family’s honor and the honor of Penn St. But he’s American. So he blithely goes to practice, gripes about being fired and then a bunch of idiot kids rampage their own school because a de facto co-conspirator in child molestation lost his job as football coach.

Is America a twisted place, or what?

The people at the top of business fail and collect big bonuses on their way out if, indeed, they even have to leave their jobs. The people at the top of government direct a policy of torture and the soldiers dangling at the last link in the chain of command take the fall. Everywhere the people at the bottom pay the price for the “mistakes’ and malfeasance of the people at the top.

Is America twisted? Or what?

If nothing else, the American Way has been twisted and the current goal is to rise to the place where the buck stops so you can then collect it and, if anything unfortunate happens, pass it.


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