Daily Archives: February 2, 2007


Blowing Out the Surge Protector

The Surge. It sounds so sexy. So overwhelming. So forceful. But, for an administration that ignored General Shinseki’s admonitions about troop requirements, it’s hard to figure what they figure will happen when they surge up to 50,000 troops into a war-torn, incessantly-bombed and now-failed state like Iraq. Or is it? Perhaps there is a logical answer…


Just in Case the Case isn’t closed

Okay folks. I think many of you know where I stand on 9/11. There is a massive cover-up. The “Official Story” is just that…a story. A fable, really. There are hundreds of loose ends, bizarre coincidences… all of which the 9/11 Commission covered-up (staffed by shills like Lee Hamilton, who personally intervened to stop investigations into…