Just in Case the Case isn’t closed

Okay folks. I think many of you know where I stand on 9/11. There is a massive cover-up. The “Official Story” is just that…a story.

A fable, really.

There are hundreds of loose ends, bizarre coincidences… all of which the 9/11 Commission covered-up (staffed by shills like Lee Hamilton, who personally intervened to stop investigations into Iran-Contra Cocaine dealing; and Lawrence Silberman, a participant in the first phase of Iran-Contra dealings–1980-1–who then got appointed by Reagan to the judgeship that allowed him to overturn Ollie North’s conviction, etc).

So, I am asking to read one article. That’s it.

9/11: The Case Isn’t Closed

By Sander HicksAlterNet. Posted February 2, 2007


Some key points from the article I find so important:

The BCCI connection (a scandal that has never been fully reported in the mainstream media)
Able Danger. I’ve written about this twice, check out my last blog on Weldon and Able Danger:

http://josophist.blogspot.com/2006/12/rep-weldon-got-cooked-and-other-recent.html & http://josophist.blogspot.com/2005/09/fabled-danger.html

The Pakistani ISI connection and fortuitously timed visit by the ISI’s Chief the week of the attack (met with most of the National Sec Council that week)

Atta’s cocaine and party girl period in Florida, his appearance on a military base and his connection to a neo-Nazi CIA operative

This is, by the way, the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that just doesn’t fit into the official story. So much that frustrates me…because it is out there…if only someone with a mainstream media outlet would/could have the balls to show America all the dots. It could stop the madness of a growing police state, a growing empire and growing feeling that our way of life is in mortal danger. It would end forever the careers of the “Secret Team” that has been screwing with the USA, the Constitution and the rest of the world since the Bay of Pigs. All those Reagan-Bush and Bush-Quayle guys? They’d be tainted for life. Never re-appointed to posts in the Pentagon, the State Department, the CIA. There might even be an impeachment. They’d be toast.

Let’s force people in the media to ask and answer questions. And if you think “they” would never do that?

Well, I refer you to this frightening declassified document:



All I am saying, is give this piece a chance.

Forward it if the spirit moves you… and let people decide for themselves (unless your afraid that your friends will think of you the things you all probably think of me! And that’s no small matter!).

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