So-called Journalists got a lot of (Soft)Balls

I think there were “good ‘ol days” when it comes to media/journalism/reporting. Yes, many incredibly important stories never quite made it into the media over the decades since cathode ray tubes invaded America’s homes, but there was some sense of “the news,” of the need to ask tough questions and to report.

Now, it’s mostly just whoring. Lots of media whoring and $tarf’cking going on all around us…beginning with OJ, and then onto the various distractions of the Clinton era (self-inflicted and otherwise), and the ultimate media whore-job called Anna NicoleTV.

However, this new phase of bull$hit corporate media whoring hit us during the 2000 election. I saw it first-hand. It made me sick and ill and want to flee. All of which really happened. It was when political news and newsy news turned to self-aggrandizing tripe, filled with non sequitors and whoring to those in power…or those who were stealing the election to get into power.

So much did not get reported about Florida, and it was the same about 9/11, anthrax attacks (ever wonder what happened to that investigation?) and the lead up to Iraq.

The media just whored itself to its corporate owners and their symbiotic allies in government. And told us very little that mattered…even though there were/are lives in the balance.

So here is a little exchange that appeared in the “In The Loop” section of the Washington Post, a column designed to let insiders feel like…well…insiders. Sure, I’m glad it was printed…but it’s mostly out of finger pointing at the other guy in what is an indistinguishable orgy of naked media whoring.

Anyway…read and enjoy:

…Thursday on Fox News, conservative talk-show host Sean Hannity sought to put Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at ease so he could find out what she was up to.

“Today Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is with us. How are you?” he asked.

Rice, having just returned from a disastrous, waste-of-time trip to the Middle East, responded: “Hi, Sean, I’m fine. How are you?”

“I’m good. We always appreciate you being here. Now, what do you do in the off-season when football’s not going on? Do you like baseball?”

“Well, so far, I’m just watching March Madness and waiting to see who’s going to win this championship, and then I’ll go into hibernation a little bit, Sean, until after the All-Star break.” (We hear she’s done exceptionally well, hitting every one of the Final Four.)

“So it’s really — it’s pretty much football and basketball. You’re not a big baseball fan?”

“I like baseball, but I’m one of those people who think the season’s a little long. I’ll wait until after the All-Star break, and then I’ll get real interested.”

“Well, if you’re ever really interested, I have a pretty good connection with a good buddy of mine who has the greatest seats at Yankee Stadium, and I’d love to take you there.”

“Well, I’d love that. You know, I’m a Yankee fan, so that sounds great.”

“Well, you sound like Hillary now — I’m a Yankee — she’s a Yankee fan, a Cubs fan. You know, but I’ll tell you these are dangerous seats. I took my son there last year and he got hit with a foul ball.”


“I mean, a line drive right in the face.”

“Oh, my goodness.”

“And we had a tough year. He broke his leg and he got hit with a baseball so — but I’ll bring a glove and protect you.”

“Yeah, you have to protect me, Sean. I hope you can catch.” (Laughter.)

“No, I can. I’m actually — I’m a pretty good ballplayer. But anyway, welcome back to the program.”

“Thank you.”

“We’ve got Day Seven now of this hostage situation, our allies, our friends the Brits, these sailors and marines that have been taken hostage; your initial thoughts on this?”

“Well, they need to be released.”

Then they chatted about Iran and Iraq and such.

But a Yankees fan? Who knew? See? The new approach clearly works.

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