Tea Wasn’t Served at the Last Supper

American Christianity is in crisis.

What struck me about the “Great Tea Bag Debate” was how vociferously the candidates proclaim their Christianity and, at the same time, how far their ideas are from the teachings of Jesus.

Have any of them read The Book of Matthew? The Beatitudes? The Sermon on the Mount or on the Plain? Or, for that matter, any of The Gospels?

And where are protests from the Christians who have read the red words in the New Testament?

For some of us who have, it is troubling to see this dichotomy. How would the audience, which cheered loudly for ideas much closer to Social Darwinism than to New Testament Christianity, receive Jesus’ parables or admonitions if he himself were on the stage?

Alas, I doubt that he would be a candidate for anything other than the fate he received once before.

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  1. September 13, 2011 @ 5:55 pm Tom O'Neill

    There at least two ways to look at this. One is that people who are interested in rape, exploitation, trickery, luxury, and endless hordes of gold pieces, have decided to hijack the Jesus brand and pin it to themselves. The other–more plausible I think–is that people whose ancestors were once serious about Jesus have decided as they increasingly went for rape, exploitation, trickery, luxury, and endless hordes of gold pieces, that the brand is just too good to give up and is in fact that which entitles them to do all these things that Jesus despised and condemned. These people, wearing a brand that shines a light into the deepest sins of their souls, are for every one else the world’s most transparent joke.

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